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Improved Google Lens app can now unreliably check if you have skin cancer

Editor's take: In the neverending game of spreading fake news and disinformation, generative AI has emerged as a massive business opportunity for unethical tech companies. And Google wants to be absolutely the best. Lens, the company's image-based search tool, is now introducing new features that will make a lot of hypochondriac and gullible users very happy.
epic metahuman iphone unreal engine epic games unreal engine 5 metahuman creator with video

You can now animate Epic's ultra realistic MetaHumans with an iPhone camera capture

Forward-looking: Epic Games first unveiled a tool to let developers perform facial capture with a consumer smartphone in 2020. The following year, it unveiled software for efficiently designing realistic human characters. Now, the company has combined the two technologies to hopefully lower the barrier of entry for building and animating highly detailed 3D scenes.
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